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Hello Again ... is it me you're looking for?

Written by Shawna Singers


Posted on October 16 2020

Hey strangers, it's been a while!

I was looking back at our past blog posts and realized the last one was dated March 13th, only five days before the lockdown.  Seems like a lifetime ago now!  2020 has definitely been a long bizarre trip; we certainly got distracted with getting 100% of our product online.  We look forward to better times and getting back to connecting.

Our SSG crew is so happy to be here for you, whether it be online connecting and answering questions, or in person hang out sessions finding your perfect piece.  You have always been a friendly smile, and a source of laughter; we are grateful for you.  As we finish out the year, we have some fun things mind that may be of a distraction from the rest of the craziness.  Make sure you follow along on our social media - we can't wait to see what you think of our upcoming promos and Shawna + Shannon shenanigans.

We have some awesome product in the store right now for those of you who are venturing out of the house or have gone back to work; here are a few "must haves".

Smart Kits + The Kim Backpack


I don't know about you but I had to convert to a slightly larger purse once we were permitted to roam again.  My daily essentials went from wallet, keys and lip balm to pretty much everything found in our Smart Kits.  Masks, gloves, sanitizer, anti germ key - all the things we never thought would be mandatory for us to leave our houses!   

The Kim backpack has always been a staff and customer favourite, now we're even bigger fans with its ability to hold literally everything you could need in this coronavirus world without looking weighted down by a massive tote bag.   It converts easily from backpack to handbag too!


Brunch Waffle Jogger - Brunch Waffle Tee

Snooze PantSleepwalker Tee


For everyone who is still working from their makeshift offices on the couch, we've got some extremely cozy gear for you - two brands that specialize in nothing but comfort. 

SAXX has made the ultimate lounging set in the softest material you will ever touch.  Wear the top and pant together or throw your dress shirt and blazer on top for those Zoom meetings!  

We of course, couldn't talk about loungewear without mentioning SMASH AND TESS!  You know and love their onesies, but have you tried the waffle set?  Look cute and comfy all day long while running your empire. Smash and Tess being a Canadian empire is a BONUS.

We know it's a weird time with a lot of uncertainty, but one thing we continue to strive for and hope will never change,  is encouraging you beautiful unique style, and providing that perfect piece for you, or that perfect gift for someone special; that brightening of your day!!













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