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Shawna is Getting Cozy in Fall Fleece

Written by Shawna Singers


Posted on October 04 2019


So, I guess it's actually going to get cold AGAIN! 

Every year I think maybe it will be a really warm fall but alas, that never seems to happen.  Luckily I work at a store that provides me with many beautiful cold-weather options, and this year it's all about the fleece for me. 


Volcom Snugz N Hugz Hoodie - $65.00

Who doesn't love a cozy hoodie? This one is like a regular cozy sweater x10 because it's super soft and fleecy! It's slightly oversized too which makes layering a breeze. Pair this with your favorite jeans, ankle boots, and a wool jacket - you've perfected the casual chic look!

Boundary Mock Neck Pullover- $99.00

This beauty is giving you all the Patagonia vibes (without the Patagonia price tag).

Breathable, water-resistant coating means this will be your go-to outdoor activity sweater! Throw a puffy vest over this and you will be toasty warm (and cute as hell) for your next hike!


Surf Days Hoodie - $95.00

Couldn't leave the dudes out in the fleece party!

Is it a hoodie? Is it a jacket? Is it the warmest thing ever?  Yes to all of the above. The built-in hood makes it extra cozy.

*Quick tip for my girls: Just cause it's in the guy's section doesn't mean you can't buy it for yourself!  I'd say 80% of my wardrobe is from the men's side of the store.



Kaluchha Zip Up Fleece- $109.00

Last but not least is this beauty from Ten Tree! 

This is your classic fleece zip-up, perfect for the fall weather and then great for layering as we move into the colder days. The bonus of this is, of course, the company themselves, who plant ten trees for every sale they make.  By shopping this brand, you are also helping the planet, it's a win-win! 

* * *

Hopefully, you all found some great ideas on how to stay warm (and stylish) this fall. If any of these items sparked your interest, go ahead and click any of the photos,  they link through to our website -shop us online from the comfort of your own home!







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