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Layer Without Looking Like The Michelin Man

Written by Shawna Singers


Posted on November 04 2019

Who else thinks its cold AF out there?  Unfortunately (or fortunately if you are Shannon and love to ski), we all know what's coming - snow.  The knee jerk reaction to colder temps is to put on as many layers as possible, but have you ever bulked up so much that once you get your coat on, you can't put your arms down?  Not a good look LOL!  I thought I'd take this opportunity to give you guys a rundown on how to properly layer, while still looking cute and actually keeping yourself nice and toasty.  Being someone who strongly disagrees with winter, I like to think I've mastered all possible ways to stay warm.  Read on to see how I built the outfit above and hopefully, you find some tips that work for you. 



Hayley Racerback Brami 

Always, Always, Always have a base layer.  Before you put ANYTHING else on, make sure you have a t-shirt, long sleeve, or camisole that is fitted to your body. This is going to keep your core warm, and when your core is warm, you have a better shot of not getting hypothermia ;-).  We have some great options in the store for base layers right now.  



Ashley Longsleeve Turtleneck 

The second layer is going to be a piece that is actually going to be a part of the finished product. Something a bit fitted, but not as tight as your base layer. I'm choosing a long sleeve turtleneck for this one, still light enough to layer on top of. Also, if I get too warm during the day, I can always remove the next layer and still look like I have my life together.  This layer doesn't have to be a turtleneck, you could opt for a t-shirt, either short sleeve or long sleeve, or a nice buttondown shirt. 



Grey V-Neck Sweater 

Any kind of sweater will do, a knit, a sweatshirt, a cardigan, whatever your style just get that sweater on!  Perhaps passing on a batwing style because there is too much fabric on the armpit.  Because I wanted to show off the stripes on this turtleneck, I went for a super soft, slightly oversized, V-neck pullover. 



Victoria Puffy Vest 

Okay, this one is kind of optional, but I strongly suggest it, especially in the really cold months. The puffy vest - some people love em and for others, it's a hard pass. I must say I wasn't a fan until this fall when I realized a) they are really frickin warm and b) very versatile.  The one we have in-store right now is one of the best I've ever tried on.  You can pretty much wear this under every coat and jacket all winter and nobody will ever know.  Once we get into the deep freeze, having a thin but warm vest under your parka will be something you thank me for later.   



 Faux Fur Leopard Jacket 

The next one is obvious, put a coat on.  At current temps, you could get away with a long cozy cardigan or an oversized denim jacket.  I decided to put on this amazing fuzzy leopard print coat we have in right now!  If you are someone who naturally runs hot, you can always forfeit the vest. 

For finishing touches, add on any cold-weather accessories you need, toque, blanket scarf, earmuffs, mittens on a string, whatever suits your style.  Throw some long johns on under your jeans too if need be!  The important thing to remember is to be comfortable and warm first and stylish second. 

Click the links to get a closer look at any of the items I've featured or always come into the store and we can help you achieve your perfect layered look!

Stay warm out there guys!


The SSG Team  




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